Are Yachty, Thug & Migos Rap?

I wanna start off by saying I love rap music. When I say that, I mean Rap music not music with people rapping on it. For me, there’s a difference. The games changed so much over the last 10 years and what a lot of people are calling rap, I’m calling pop. Just because it has somebody rapping on it, that doesn’t make it Rap. A lot of the new generation, for me, don’t make Rap music & at times I’m not even sure if they’re rapping. To make this point, I wanna talk about what makes a good Rap song.

First things first, the beats gotta grab me. I want a sample or melody that grabs my attention immediately. Then I want clarity, I wanna be able to hear every lyric. I wanna hear bars that make me feel some sort of way. Clarity comes down to two things. The speed of the lyrics & the tone of them. I can’t listen to some of these New Skool Rappers because I can’t understand what they’re saying. Mumbling, or auto tune singing. If I don’t know what your saying how am I meant to feel any kind of attachment to the music? I think it’s important to state however,  I do like a lot of these new rappers & they’re music. I’m just not willing to call it rap. It’s Pop, & the fact people are calling it Rap means the fans of the genre have changed. A lot of Yachty fans don’t like Pac or Big. If you don’t like either of them, you don’t like rap music. More to the point, if you can’t appreciate them, you don’t like rap music.

The lines between new and old, and division within the genre are peaking right now. Snoop’s new track takes aim at the new skool, Akademiks and Budden go at it over these same issues daily on Complex’s Everyday Struggle. The fact that a lot of these Pop Rappers are getting so famous doesn’t take away from the point that there’s a lot of New Skool Rappers that can actually throw down. Kendrick, Cole, Joey Bad to name a few. Rap is still doing it’s thing and if you look past the new Pop Rap Culture you’ll see there’s a lot of talent out there.

I support the real, I support content but more over I just LOVE Rap music.


Lowkey & Akala Speak Grenfell.

Lowkey & Akala speak on the tragedy of Grenfell & Lowkey interviews his friend, a survivor who after 3 and half hours & 4 attempts eventually managed to escape from the 15th floor. Heart wrenching interviews.


Noisy & the legend that is Mike Skinner have teamed up yet again to bring us a new documentary about the current UK Rap scene.

The scenes got a lot of different names. Some people call it Rap, some call it Trap, others Drill. Call it what you want just don’t call it Road Rap right? Well that’s what Mikes saying. The documentary looks at how police target UK Rap shows and are shutting down tours before they even begin.

He interviews 67, C Biz, Section Boyz, Potter Payper & Corleone. Talks road, music, business, perception & motivation as the UK scene is finally offering a real alternative to the road grind. It offers a legitimate hustle and man in the endz can actually see people like themselves making it and doing well. That’s inspiring.

JME meets Jeremy Corbyn

Yesterday, JME met up with the leader of The Labour Party to discuss why so many young people don’t vote. In the build up to June 8th snap general election this is a very important question to ask. The voice of The younger generation needs to be heard. 

After the meeting JME took to Twitter to post links and encourage the younger population to register to vote and do some research on who they’re voting for. 

Register To Vote

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