Novelist Sends For No.10

“They don’t give a fuck about the man dem, who’s criminals us or them?”

Politics & urban music have always kind of gone hand in hand. Weather we’re talking Public Enemy, Tupac, Lowkey, Akala or even Skepta. Most consciously aware rappers at least have the odd political or social bar. So here we are. 2016 has just began & Novelist has made a semi-political Grime record. The militant, angry, “f**k them” vibe does kind of come like PE meets Grime. You can almost imagine a young Chuck D & The team dressed in all black going ham on a stage to it.
The record definitely fits in with current social times. The mass majority of the public feels disconnected from the current goings on in the commons & no more so than inner city youth. As Novelist says “I’m an angry teenager”. The beat goes hard & the bars are on point, fitting in nicely.
I think we all know Novelist is no Akala when it comes to these subjects but it’s good to hear him venting. Check the track below.


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