Grime’s most iconic beats!! (Opinion)

It’s seems these days you can no longer turn on the radio without hearing a grime track. But long before grime was a world wide sound, inspiring the likes of Drake & P Diddy it was alive in the underground & on pirate radio. Slowly emerging, creating itself & always evolving. With this in mind, Hold It Dwn have decided to drop a list of the most iconic Grime beats of all time (opinion). So in no particular order;

1. Kano/Kamikaze – Ghetto Kyote

2. Danny Weed – Creeper

3. Wiley – Ice Rink

4. Lethal Bizzle – Forward Riddim

5. Ruff Sqwad – Pied Piper

6. Rebound X – Rythem & Gash

7. Danny Weed – Shank Riddim

8. Wiley – Morgue

9. DPM Recordings – DPM Recordings

10. Jon E Cash – Hoods Up

11. Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U

12. Sir Spyro – Aries Riddim

13. JME – Serious

14. Dizzee Radcal – Just a Rascal

15. Ruff Sqwad – Havana

16. Wiley – Igloo

17. Danny Weed – Salt Beef

18. Dot Rotten – Bazooka

19. Wiley – Snowman

20. Skepta – Autopsy
(Yes, there are many great beats missing here but these are just a personal list of iconic, nostalgic bangers)


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