The Return of Lowkey

After almost five years since Lowkey gave us ‘Soundtrack to The Struggle’ he has finally returned. Back in July he made his much anticipated return to the scene with the track ‘Ahmed‘ via Global Faction. It’s safe to he he didn’t disappoint.
Ahmed is a Powerful & moving track that looks at the effects on people, mainly children fleeing war torn countries in search of peace & safety, often on dangerous & uncertain journeys. As always, Kizzy’s delivery of the subject is articulate and meaningful. He touches on many important subjects that pull on your heart strings, Mia Khalil on the hook ties up the track beautifully. A truly emotional & thought provoking piece of music.
Then, in September; Lowkey, Mia Khalil & Global Faction teamed up again to bring us ‘Children of Diaspora‘. Again dropping so much knowledge. I’m sure if you sat and listened to Lowkey with a pen and pad you could learn more in a week about the realities of life, history & geography then you would in years of mainstream schooling. He truly is one of the greatest of all time at what he does and we’re over the moon that he’s finally back.

Check him it below talking about why he wrote ‘Ahmed’ and the thoughts and stories behind the music.


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