SK Mag Pick of The Week [Mixtape Madness]

In the first of a new edition to the site where we pick a project at random to review and promote. We’ve chosen rapper Casey Bailey’s Progression to showcase in week one.

Looking through the new uploads on mixtape madness this morning I came across Casey Bailey. I’ve never heard of him, but browsing though the art work of the new tapes available, his cover caught my eye. From the very moment I pressed play I knew this was the prefect mixtape to start the new section with.

Progression has a soulful, calmness to it. Many of the beats come with soft piano melodies & soulful samples. He touches on various issues and subjects throughout showing his ability to deliver a conscious message trough the art of rap. Casey shows his versatility on ‘Who Said That?’ (One for the grime heads) But For me, the stand out track is ‘Children of Aleppo’. The hook sings “moan about the sunshine complain about the rain, all these first world problems and we think we know pain, cuss about your hometown cry about your ghetto, while I’m here shedding tears for the children of Aleppo.” That’s deep, and it’s something everybody should take a moment to think about. Salute Casey Bailey.

Casey Baileys Progression can be found on mixtape madness and is available for free download. Go grab that!!!!
(Reviewed and Written by MSK)


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