3 Conscious Hip-Hop Albums You Need To Hear

There’s been so many great conscious Hip-Hop albums over the years. In the golden age of Hip-Hop some of these records sold millions all over the world. Albums from people like 2pac, Public Enemy, Mos Def, KRS1, Common, Brand Nubian & Poor Righteous Teachers to name just a few. But in the modern music industry it’s become rarer to hear such messages of political and spiritual inspired music on the radio and the TV, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. With this is mind, we present to you, 4 modern conscious UK Hip-Hop albums you need to hear.
Lowkey – Soundtrack to The Struggle

Lowkey’s Soundtrack to The Struggle is truly a masterpiece. From the opening track to the last he drops huge amounts of political and cultural knowledge. The album has a feature from the long standing political activist and rapper Immortal Technique, the two combine on ‘The Voice of The Voiceless’. A track that has become a true anthem in the world of conscious hip-hop. There are too many notable tracks on the album to only pick out one or two so we suggest you listen to the whole thing with a nice cuppa tea. Maybe two or three times to really appreciate the work that has gone into it. Lowkey is like a teacher on this album bringing facts over amazingly produced instrumentals, all infused with some moving and powerful skitz.

Akala – The Thief’s Banquet
Akala has a unique sound. When it comes to hip-hop, he definitely has his very own style. He likes to be experimental & there’s no better place to hear his mixture live music based hip-hop mixed with historical facts, amazing flows and captivating performances, than on this album. The title track of the album is where you can really hear all of these elements combined. Some other standout tracks from the album are; Old Soul, Malcolm Said It & Maangamizi Featuring Mic Righteous.

Logic – Spectator

Compared to Lowkey & Akala Logic may be a little less well known but that’s not to say he’s not as good. Spectator is an incredible album. Political rap with a progressive message. Logic has been on the scene for a long time and like the others has several bodies of great music out, but this album is our standout from him. As with the Lowkey album we suggest you listen to whole the thing a couple of times and really digest what he’s saying.


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