Back In Grime – 2000 & Life

Ghetto (Ghetts) – 2000 & Life

Today, we take you Back In Grime to when Ghetts was still Ghetto, Nasty Crew & Roll Deep ran the scene, De Ja Vu had some of the wildest grime sets on air & J2K was too cold.
2000 & Life came out at a time where grime was still finding itself. There wasn’t many mixtape’s or albums out apart from some of the early ones to blow like Boy In Da Corner & Treading On Thin Ice. Although 2000 Life was very much a mixtape and not an album unlike the others, it was still special because a lot of MCs hadn’t started making body’s of work yet. They were just shelling sets.
2000 & Life seemed like a turning point for Ghetto, just as much as it did for the scene. He went from being known as only a reload MC & an MC with mad energy on stage to being a real artist capable of making real tracks with hooks and substance. The mixtape has a great combination of Rap beats & Grime tracks, Ghetts skippy flow and word play make 2000 & Life a real classic.
People still talk about 2000 & Life with a lot of love, and for many of the die hard fans of the scene it is regarded as one of the best mixtapes to ever come out of the Grime world.


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