Cashtastic | UKBA Review

Cashtastic’s new album is a must for all the rap fans. Coming off the back of his deportation scenario the cleverly titled UKBA is a real gem. 

UKBA begins with Cash addressing a live audience at his album release listening party where he thanks the selected crowd for coming out and being a part of this. Then drops ‘Staying up‘. Hard drums, strings & solid bars. Cash raps “Staring at the full moon on my balcony through binoculars, I decided ain’t nobody stopping us, I decided no ones gonna break us down, I decided ain’t nobody tuff enough.” Clearly a message that even after everything he’s gone through, he didn’t let it get him down, and in fact he’s ‘Staying Up’.

‘Staying Up’ is followed by the highly rated Netflix single that has an accompanying video on Link Up TV. 

‘Ain’t That The Truth’ is more strings and snare rolls, a real head bopper. Towards the end of the track Cash gets philosophical when he states “The truth hurts… this is my opinion init, but women are like the gateways to the future, when the fute-her gives birth, she only indures pain because the truth hurts, & when the future gave birth it placed a smile on the face of those slaves around the world, to know that it was true, to know that the truth was you. You are the truth, set them free!”

I Remeber ft. Moelogo’. Is one of the stand out tracks on the album. Cash sings “Too young to get a 9 to 5, but I needed them Air Max 95s, that’s when I decided to grind, cos my mummy and daddy couldn’t provide for mine.” Moelogo’s singing adds something different to the song and gives you a real feel of where Cash is while recording.

Where I’m From. If you watched his Sankofa documentary, you’ll understand the concept to the track. More thought provoking bars as Cash paints pictures of his early childhood in Jamaica. “I remember being younger sleeping on the floor with grandma just incase a stray bullet came flying through the window.” Cash ends the songs with a sample from the documentary where he says “there was no fear, not one second did I fear coming here. Because at the end of the day, this is where I’m from.” 

Next up is a real anthem. ‘Hustlers Anthem ft. Ratigan’ Ratigan featured on the Sankofa documentary as well. Cash speaks about knowing him through music long before ever arriving in JA so it was only natural that the two would link up on the album. The beat for this one is HARD! The track begins with the words “Being broke is motivational.” This is a real banger. Ratigan’s hook takes it to a new level.

The vibe switches up for ‘Potential’ Cash speaks on the trails and tribulations of women & relationships. With a mixture of intimate thoughts, story telling and wisdom. This track has real substance. Cashtastic raps “I’m astonished, how you live life for likes a comments” a real statement to the modern world we live in, full of media hype & social networking. 

Cash gets philosophical again for ‘Time Will Tell’ he begins by saying “one of the many lessons I’ve learnt in The the past 2 and a half years is that people are fickle, you know, people only need you until they don’t need you anymore. So everything has a time limit, including your life, including your friendships, including your relationships, ya get me. Times painting a picture that eventually we will all see. So if your in doubt about who’s real around you, who’s gonna stay down. I promise you. Time will tell.” Again Cashtastic’s lyrical ability is clear for all.

Humiliation’ Is a solid track. Nice beat, more great bars with substance delivered with a catchy hook.

Pain’ is another deep one from Cash & you get a feeling of where is minds been at troughout the last few years with everything that’s gone on. 

Round Of Applause’ is the album beginning to come to an end. The track slows down slightly but stays strong. 

The album rounds of with ‘Listening Party part 2′  where Cash thanks everybody for coming out in an appreciative and humble tone. 

The bonus track ‘Real Reason’ is only 36 seconds long but it’s had a lot of people talking. Cash touches on the reasons he believes he was deported. At the start of the track he raps “The Feds say they no about my visa problems they can make it go away, I’m gonna be deported but if I snitch on Giggs then I can stay, that’s when they found out me and these rats ain’t the same cos shortly after that they had me flying on a plane.”

This album is a real great. The thing that impresses me the most is the fact that apart from 3 tracks Cash produced every beat on it. He said in an instagram post that if he had waited for producers to send him beats the album would still be in production so he taught him self. If that’s not motivational I don’t what it is.

I hope this album gets the recognition it deserves.

Official rating from THE RAP GRIME PLUG – 5/5



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