5 Mistakes NEW MCs or ‘Bedroom Rappers’ Make.

Over the past 8 years or so, both the way we listen to music & the way we make it have changed dramatically. The power of the internet, YouTube & sites like mixtape madness have made it easier than ever to download new music and put new music out. These days anyone can set up a studio at home for next to nothing and with a smart phone be up and running in no time. But yet a lot of young and aspiring rappers go wrong early on. Here’s WHAT NOT TO DO when starting out.

So, you’ve just written your first 16 and your gassed. You want all your bredrins to hear it and you want to share it with the world. So you get out your phone/webcam and record it over a beat you found on YouTube. 99% of the time, in this situation the result will be the same. 
1. A lack of confidence, it’s your first time and you’re nervous. That ain’t a good look. Confidence is important life, and when your rapping people need to believe you. If you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect anyone else to? 

2. You haven’t practiced the new bars enough so you stutter or get words wrong. Maybe having to restart, again, this is not a good look. So before you decide to share your new bars online, practice. Practice, practice, then practice some more. Spit them to your bredrin at home. No camera, just spit and tell them to be honest. If your boys ain’t rating you, don’t expect strangers to, ask them what you need to change but try and pick someone who’s a fan of the type of music you want to make. You can’t expect a pop fan to rate bars. 

3. The sound quality is poor & the camera ain’t great. Think about your sound quality, record it over and over again until you get the sound levels right & think about your settings, is your voice too load? Is the beat too loud? Are the speakers crackling? All of these things matter. If you want people to hear what you’re saying you need make sure it’s recorded at a decent level.

4. A messy room in the background. Try and keep a plain wall behind you or at least tidy up. Nobody wants to see your dirty washing in the background while you rap. Don’t give a troll any ammo. Image means a lot in this game.

5. Last but not least. Tell the truth. Wether you make rap, grime or whatever, lyrics are important and the saying real recognise real, it’s real. Most rappers exaggerate, but don’t flat out lie. No one will believe you, you’ll sound like a fool and again you’ll just be arming the trolls. Keep it real, and keeping it real doesn’t mean rap about road shit. It means if your on the roads talk that, but if you’re not, don’t. What’s real to you is important & no matter how you live, if you keep it real there will be people out there that can relate & as every rap fan knows. That’s how you get fans.


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