‘Mixtape Of The Week’ TJ Francis – Free Your Mind

The Top mixtape this week comes from TJ Francis. The West London rapper’s new Mixtape quickly caught my attention this week when I downloaded it from HoodTapes. The Mixtape is 7 tracks long with a few features. The real stand out factor of Free Your Mind is just the overall vibe. The beat selections are on point for every single track. Catchy hooks, sick bars & great word play. This is the first time I’ve heard of TJ Francis and I love it when I come across new artists, especially when they’re as talented as he is.

Track 1 is ‘Hustlers Prayer ft. Keys‘. A melodic synth/piano loop calmly starts the beat before the bass, drums and bars drop. It’s the perfect intro track for the mixtape as it sets the vibe for the rest of the project. TJ raps “judge a man by what he brings to the table not what he wears to it” and “don’t judge pain you ain’t felt you can’t compare to it.”

Track 2’s entitled ‘Trouble‘. He starts the track of by rapping “just a whole lot of smoke and potions, spontaneous unusual notions, and I entered your shrine with an open mind and left with a bag of emotions.” The track features a catchy hook and another chilled out rap beat. A real zoner.

Track 3 is ‘Messages To Fallon (Skit)’. The skit features a mix emotional and heart felt recorded messages. The album art for Free Your Mind also states that the mixtape is dedicated to Fallon.

Track 4 is ‘Wish You Well ft. Mad J & MNELIA.’ More of the same on this one. Some deep bars and another dope beat featuring a funky synth and more keys. The hook sings “Told mummy that I wouldn’t fail, throw a penny down the wishing well, if you hating then I wish you well, only time, only time will tell.”

Track 5’s called ‘Where I Come From ft. MNELIA‘. The song starts out with singing from whom I’m guessing is MNELIA. The singing melody carries on in the background as TJ raps his verse.

Up next is Track 6. ‘Old Me ft. Wilbury Way Boys.‘ This is one of my favourites on the tape. The beat just gets me. Bars are on point, hook is sick. Ticks every box.

The mixtape ends with Track 7 ‘Best Friend ft. Remson (Shape Of You Ed Sheeran Remix).’ A funky beat to switch up the vibe for end of Free Your Mind.

Free Your Mind was most definitely a nice surprise this week. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE or alternatively you can stream it on Soundcloud HERE.




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