JME meets Jeremy Corbyn

Yesterday, JME met up with the leader of The Labour Party to discuss why so many young people don’t vote. In the build up to June 8th snap general election this is a very important question to ask. The voice of The younger generation needs to be heard. 

After the meeting JME took to Twitter to post links and encourage the younger population to register to vote and do some research on who they’re voting for. 

Register To Vote


2 thoughts on “JME meets Jeremy Corbyn

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    1. Hi, I think it’s a brilliant way to get the younger generation involved. On another level politics with in rap music or music in general is nothing new. Rock stars, reggae stars and rappers a like have all spoken out against a number of political issues over the years. I mean, for a while rap music was literally a voice against the man. With groups like Public Enemy leading the way. Some of the biggest stars of all time also engaged in political debate from John Lennen to 2pac & Bob Marley. So JME, Akaka, Lowkey and the others that have backed Corbyn don’t come as a surprise but i fully appreciate the impact they would of had on young people during the election.

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